Kudos to Bill Clinton

I am not a “political blogger” in the sense that I regularly post about American politics, but I feel the need to get this off my chest. In regards to Bill Clinton’s interview on Fox News Sunday (hopefully people will keep posting the video on YouTube), I have to give the former POTUS a standing ovation. There have been people (such as Nora Ephron over at The Huffington Post) chastising Clinton for not playing nice, and the mainstream news media’s angle has been to characterize Clinton as “losing it” and being “combative.”

But seriously, weren’t all of us cheering as we listened to Clinton call out Fox News on their bullshit?? (Especially when he sarcastically remarked on Wallace’s smirk.) Wasn’t it refreshing to see a politician who built his career on being a centrist finally take the gloves off and give an honest, emotional response?

Some people have also dismissed the latter, saying that Clinton’s Fox News Sunday reaction was not spontaneous and was instead completely premeditated. I disagree–my personal read is that it was an impassioned response from a bracingly intelligent, albeit long-winded and ego-centric, man.

This is the same impression I had after reading Clinton’s bloated yet fascinating memoirs. He is a brilliant policy wonk who is also steadfastly in love with himself. If you’ll allow a little Myers-Briggs observation….I read Clinton as a definite “N” (Intuitive), and Intuitives routinely get accused by “S”‘s (Sensing) as being manipulative (ahem….speaking from personal experience) when in reality Intuitives are simply good at seeing the big picture and connecting with people. And that’s what Clinton was doing–looking at the whole story of what happened pre-9/11 and speaking fervently about what the left has been saying all along.

I don’t think this post necessarily adds anything to what’s already being said (there are nearly 500 comments on Ephron’s post, almost all lauding Clinton). And I realize I’m probably speaking to the choir here. Anyway, it’s been interesting for me to “re-discover” Clinton over the past two years. (I have very vague recollections of his administration, since he was President during the awkward years of my adolescence when I was more concerned about the politics between school cliques rather than the politics of government/media….)



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10 responses to “Kudos to Bill Clinton

  1. Damn, I missed this. I watched his Larry King Live interview last week before the president of Iran came on, and I was duly impressed by his “straight talk” and his more than apparent ability to field questions regarding all issues. He remains the articulate, well-spoken, well-informed president that I remember cheering as a young’n. Granted, I didn’t really understand much about the Afghanistan or Bosnian situations at the time, but I did have enough insight to see the effects of his policies on the domestic front. I, too, am beginning to rediscover (and re-appreciate) the man. It sounds like I like him more than you do, though. Does his book really come off that way? I should read it. I guess I mind an arrogant president who has the intelligence and resolve to take this country in the right directions… rather than an arrogant president with sh*t for brains. Bush can’t handle interview questions tougher than, “Do you feel like we’ve had a victory on the war against terror?” and “What do you think of gay cowboys?” Maybe it’s just me (and the majority of the country), but W’s a schmuck.

  2. Oh no, I love Clinton, and I loved his book (flaws & all–with both). I wouldn’t say so much that he’s arrogant, just simply larger-than-life. I think great leaders (esp. American presidents) need healthy egos, otherwise they’d wilt in the limelight.

    My mom gave me a present before I left KC: a “Smush Bush” stress reliever. Love it. 🙂

  3. amy

    Shiny new format. Nice.

    How could you forget the classics? “There’s some wildlife, there’s some grass. Wildlife, wildlife.” Come on now.

    And while I did enjoy seeing Wallace getting spanked by Clinton, I found the whole thing a little depressing. I wish I could remember the days when we had an intelligent and articulate President, but I was too young and stupid to truly appreciate him.

    Anyway, Team Save a Ho.

  4. Clinton definitely handed Wallace his ass on a platter. Perception vs. reality.

  5. parkheidi

    i esp. appreciated the part where clinton goess, “so you did fox’s bidding on the show. you did your life’s little conservative hitjob on me. no wait, don’t tell me this. you asked me, ‘why didn’t i do more to bin laden.'”

    plus i liked the smirk bit, too (now i’m smirking widely).

    yay, clinton!

    p.s. good entry, sarahkim

  6. malu

    nice post. i missed this, unfortunately… but i did get to see him with larry king last week. i’ve always been a clinton fan, i remember being so mesmerized by his campaign back in 1992. i even wrote a letter to chelsea when her father got into the white house. i have the form-letter response that “she” sent back, and then the subsequent form letter that “bill” sent. some placating words about how they love hearing from people from all over the country blah blah blah.

    seeing clinton speaking so eloquently and so honestly made me so pissed that all we have right now is w. if you have a chance to read anything on his interview with larry king, you should take a look. larry asked him what he thought about hillary running in ’08, and his response was quite candid and brilliant.

  7. Bill real cool.
    Me hate bush.

  8. dont ya miss when our country’s biggest problem was figuring out if the pres “had sexual relations with that woman”?

    now its about why the pres continues to stay in iraq just so he can make a point about the correctness of his decisions. who cares if thousands of iraqi civilians and US armed forces are dying everyday? IM RIGHT, YOURE ALL WRONG, fifty points for me, none for you. So mature.

    OFFS..seriously…i miss clinton…

  9. amanda

    Hey Girl~
    Love your blog!
    I saw this interview and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was great. Of course the mainstream conservative-controlled media called him “combative”. Blah. It was recapped on The Daily Show which of course called the mainstream media (CNN, etc) on their shit and applauded Clinton. You should see it if you haven’t yet. Extremely satisfying. Interesting that “emotional” is a dirty word these days. I agree that it was wonderful to see Clinton verbally sock the smarmy interviewer back. I don’t think he was prepared for that at all. While watching I just thought, “Wow, Clinton is sooo much more intelligent than that guy.” The interviewer didn’t have much to say in return. Smarminess only gets a person so far…

  10. gar

    I was never a huge Clinton fan, but I did get a kick outta watching the video of him “sticking it” to FOX News. Too funny. I guess maybe FOX thought that kind of verbal beatdown would never come from a person most Americans view as one of our most charismatic presidents ever.

    Oh and for the record… I’m an INTP.

    Yay for “N”s.

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