Immigration Rights for Adoptees to Sponsor Birth Family Members

Given the situation with my Korean sisters, it might be the case that someday one of them might need to live with me in the States….. and also, of course, at the very least, I want them to be able to visit me….

But the Korean and U.S. governments do not recognize that we are, in fact, sisters. (And we are sisters, despite me being “deleted” from our family registry in Korea.)

Many adoptees are in situations similar to mine. If you haven’t already signed it, please take a moment to click on this link and read the following petition (created by Jane Jeong Trenka). And pass it on. (Thank you, JJT! I just bought my copy of Outsiders Within yesterday…)

(**P.S. I will be in NYC for this conference on transracial adoption, Oct. 12-15. Exciting! I was in New York at about this time a year ago… To those of you who know what happened a year ago–this trip will be nothing like that one. Cross my heart.)

(***P.P.S. I just bought my ticket to go to Chicago for the mini-gathering next month…. Nov. 9-12. Anyone out there going??)



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3 responses to “Immigration Rights for Adoptees to Sponsor Birth Family Members

  1. Kudos for posting JJT’s petition. I’ve been meaning to post it, too. This is an issue that’s important and relevant to me and my sisters as well.

    Have fun in NY, and fill me in when you get back.

    Hmm, so you’re going to Chi-town for the mini? No travel for me next month. 😦 I’ll have to experience it vicariously, I suppose. I love Chicago, though! Hope you make it downtown for some Magnificent Mile fun.

  2. Thanks for posting…am eager to catch up on life anytime after Nov. 2nd!

  3. kristin

    Hey! enjoy chicago, i’ll miss you by about a month, heading back there on the 19th of december…..

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