ALAG update

Here’s another oh-so-thoughtful email that we received from someone on the party invite list:

Hey Everyone,

I think the party is going to be fun and light-hearted which a theme party is suppose to do. Relaxing, LETTING GO, and being with friends is what makes weekends fun especially with friends and listening to random 80’s music, drinking cheap beer out of plastic red cups, and trying to figure “what the hell” is that person wearing. Letting go is FUN!!! I think my “Gangsta parties” that my friends and I planned never offended the local “gangstas” and our “pimps and hoes” event never offended the local “pimps and hoes.” BUT, I really dont know for sure and should probably ask a local “gangsta/pimp/hoe” about what he thinks cause I could be wrong. Seattle is a pretty liberal area and I don’t think anyone around here would dress like the drunk frat boys mentioned in your “Fort Worth, Texas” article. I have never been to Texas, nor to a small conservative college in the boondocks of Texas, but I would not be surprised if the students mentioned in the article also showed bigotry on non-costume parties…..hmmmmm……get real lady!

So Sarah, here is a website you should check:




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11 responses to “ALAG update

  1. s-y

    The insecurity of these people writing back to you saddens me. This one basically called you a bitch. She also indicates that since Seattle is supposedly so liberal that the entire city is exempt of even possibly being racist. Someone needs to get their head out of those white clouds and see the gray areas.

  2. s-y

    All this ignorant talk makes me want to go out and throw a “Privileged White & Clueless” party. I wonder if they would think it’s all fun and games then…?

  3. That response is so messed up on so many levels. I’m speechless and in complete shock. Could you please introduce her to me sometime? I want to see what complete ignorance and insensitivity looks like again. I’m so sorry Sarah. I can’t imagine what you are going. I’m proud of what you did and the courage it took. I am so sad that you have to be treated like this by your classmates. Let’s talk after the dinner tomorrow.

  4. Jaye

    The self-absorbed “I just wanna party and have fun” message behind this response is sickening.

    I’m proud of you too Sarah for saying something, even if it has gotten ugly from the dime a dozen pack people. Screw them and their precious reindeer games.

  5. Olivia

    Hi Sarah!
    I found the link to your blog through the Racialicious website. I’m a UW grad student in the Anthropology department and I just wanted to thank you for being brave enough to call attention to this INCREDIBLY bad and hurtful theme party idea. I think your email was very thoughtfully written and much kinder than I might have been! Even if not all the recipients agreed with it, it had to have made them think twice about their choice to attend or dress up. Terms such as “parody,” “satire,” and “irony” that often get thrown around by people who participate in and defend these types of “harmless” parties serve to gloss over the very real hurt and anger that these stereotypes cause. These students who dress up as racial stereotypes are completely clueless about the fact that it is their privileged racial and socio-economic status (educated, middle class, usually White), that allows them to ignore the complexity of race and insist that their parties are just for “fun”, and that those who object to them are “to sensitive.” It’s completely dismissive of the experiences of minorities who have to struggle each and every day to counteract these negative stereotypes. As someone who has family members who have been caught up in urban violence, the idea of students dressing up as “gangstas” makes me sick! IT’S NOT FUNNY PEOPLE!

    It’s incredibly disappointing to think that some students in Public Policy (!) thought that this might be a good idea! However, just know that there are PLENTY of other minority grad students on campus who would be behind you 100%. If you ever want to throw an “anti-stereotype theme party” party just let me know. I know some folks who would gladly join in! 🙂

  6. JR

    oh Sarah.

    *shaking my head*

    That is just pitiful.

    Who ever said that “liberal, good intentioned white folks” were better than in you face racists?

    Must not have been anyone on the receiving end of a stereotype party.

  7. hey sarah,
    i just came by your latest blog entries and thought i’d send a thought from across the atlantic. i see the same tendencies in dk as well – only wish i could do something like what you did. but i guess the reaction of the people involved only shows the extent of their ignorance.

    anyways, i hope you’re in good health^^ and got home safely! i saw the pics from paris and amsterdam and it looks like great fun! take care!

  8. anonyon

    The page cannot be displayed

    Please tell me i wasn’t the only one that tried that link! bwahahahaha

    힘내,누나.  Keep on. Don’t stop to smell when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by shit.

  9. kristin

    WHAT?!?!?! am somewhat speechless by the stupidity of those emails and the party idea in general. Haven’t read the links yet, but glad you included them, I was totally unaware of this. I thought your email was well reasoned and not in the least passive aggressive. Also, love how the last email declares people in Seattle as ‘pretty liberal’ and people from boondock Texas as ‘likely being bigoted in non-costume parties’…hmm, sort of like assuming people from small town Texas are likely bigots. yup, that’s awesome.

  10. Meaghan

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m a semi-regular reader of Racialicious and through it, I was linked to your story about the “stereotype party.” I am an alumnae of the Evans School (a past student organization president, in fact) and frankly, I’m appauled that students are organizing such an event. You are courageous and I totally commend you for speaking up. I hope you have many allies who continue to support you and who help the party participants realize what an insult their “fun” is to so many people.

    I intend to share this news with many of my Evans School friends. What an embarrassment for the school! What an image it portrays to prospective students. Students need to hear from alumni that their “fun” has consequences on a number of levels and they need to understand the impact of their actions.

    My thoughts are with you.

  11. momseekingpeace

    I think your email was considerate and thoughtful. I would guess that there was some embarrasement on the part of the person who was throwing the party and the reason for the charged response.
    If it were me I would take up the womans offer to get together and talk about it, then she can understand where you are coming from, who knows what would come of it? Better understanding?

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