Countdown ’til Graduation

I have all these things that I want to blog about, need to blog about, but I’m afraid that I’m going to have to wait until I handle my business with school…… I graduate (hopefully, hopefully) on June 8th. But I hope that I can write something here before then. I want to talk about:

1) Stereotype party/diversity potluck fallout (party organizer did indeed decide to step up to me during a class break. When word got around that the two of us were supposed to attend the same diversity potluck, I heard the word “throw-down” a lot.)

2) Travels in April (Vegas and SF)

3) VOD radio show (shout out to briaryos!). You can listen to the archived podcast here. (And while I’m talking about online media, you can view a ColorsNW video podcast that I’m in here as well. Went along with the February article I talked about in this post [link to story goes to May cover story now, however]. Primary thought when viewing this video–why are they zoomed in so much on my face??  It looks huge!  For anyone who saw the photo of me in the ColorsNW magazine, you’ll understand.  Good grief.)

4) ACLF program that I start this weekend.

5) Looking ahead at the rest of ’07….

In the meantime, if anyone reads this and would like to make a comment about something completely superficial, I’d like to ask your opinion: What should I do to my hair when I go back to Korea this summer? A. Magic straight perm (long, straight ‘do); B. Setting perm (long curls, similar to what I have now but hopefully bouncier); C. Something else (keep in mind I won’t shave it all off–not going to rehab yet.)



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8 responses to “Countdown ’til Graduation

  1. wishing you the best of luck (haha, u graduate on my bday). right now i feel like i’m going almost insane and questioning that weak moment of my life when i chose to go through with this study – why oh why? i constantly browse the web to get a break from all the boring stuff i need to memorize… but who am i telling, u know all about it. people here are so über determined…

    though, wanted to comment something very important on ur list: the hair-do, haha. i’ve been wondering about what to do with my hair when i get back (korean hair dressers seem to be the only ones who know how to handle our hair…)… been considering to do the straight perm, since i did the wavy thing last year…? am still twisting my head about it. i never saw u with the curly/wavy hair, but it looks super cute on the pics^^*

  2. parkheidi

    hair = straight

  3. 사라언니~~

    Yeah, I’m here to reply to your important beauty question…see, it seems like everyone does the straight magic perm in korea b/c its such a good deal (one place in apgujeong only charges like 50 bucks for it!) but they do really nice (ie not frizzy) curly perms too. go for the curly is my opinion–its a nice change to the magic perm~~

    whoa i think that was the most un-necessary length comment ever. and that was the worst worded sentence ever. dammit i need to graduate and move the hell out of my house and find a friggen job asap b/c i’m going CRAZY!!!!

  4. early congratulations on your graduation, sarah !

  5. As always you have a lot going on. Eager to hear more details when you have the time. I honestly have no opinion on your hair situation. All I know is that your hair always looks great every time I see you in a different country. =)

  6. Nice work, Sarah. Just out of curiosity, have you shared this video with your parents?

  7. Jaye

    Congradulations on getting your Master’s degree, that’s pretty impressive!

    As for hair, I think the style you have now is perfect, why change what’s already good? I’m amazed how far perms have come since the dreaded 80’s and 90’s overfrizz.

  8. KSK

    Congratulations on earning your Master’s degree! You inspire me to return (get my ass back…) and pursue a Master’s degree.

    I always thought you looked like a model walking out of the salon. You shouldn’t worry…you look great in both magic straight or setting. As you know already, low maintenance is advisable for summers in Seoul. I’d suggest maybe doing bangs to mix it up. ^^*

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