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In Korea…..

My blog has been collecting cobwebs ever since I went to Atlanta.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to reflect and debrief about the Social Forum, because as soon as I got back to Seattle, I had to prepare for the Korean Identity Development Society (KIDS) Culture Camp.  It was wonderful to see everyone who came into town for the camp (some of the day camp staff were former Holt Campers that I had known when I was a counselor in Nebraska…).

The entire summer has been a whirlwind, because as soon as camp was over, I had to pack up my apartment and put everything into storage.  The next day, I left for Korea–will be gone for a total of six weeks (one of which, at the end, will be blissfully spent in Hawaii chillin’ with 지인언니).

I’ll be staying at KoRoot for the entire time that I’m here, although during the week of the Gathering, I will be at the Sofitel Ambassador Hotel (July 29-August 6).  As I type this, I’m actually sitting in the Sofitel’s business lounge, doing pre-Gathering work.  The next two weeks are going to pretty insane, but I’m enjoying it.

Once the craziness of the next two weeks has subsided, I plan to visit with my Korean family (although might see my sisters beforehand).   Five weeks in Korea seems like such a short time, given that the last two times I was here were for a) a year and b) three months.

I’ve been missing my blog (as well as writing in general–my journal was neglected the entire two years I was in graduate school)…..I knew that 2007 was going to be an insanely busy year, but it’s taken me by surprise just how nearly out-of-control it’s been.  Life this fall in Seattle will certainly be different: new job, new apartment…..



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