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Kansas Again

Doing the two-step with my dad.

I know that I said I’d have all this time to be online while I was in Kansas City, and what happened instead is that I became a complete vegetable (as often happens at my parents’ house). Actually, this is the last evening that I’m here, but I wanted to write a quick post since I spent all afternoon wrestling with a new blog template. What do you think? I was on the verge of switching totally over to WordPress, but then I got frustrated by the widgets. Also, WordPress seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace today, making edits nearly impossible. I did import all of my Blogger archives, but was dismayed to see that photos I’d uploaded through Blogger (instead of Flickr) did not appear on the WordPress version. And apparently, you can’t edit WordPress templates with HTML (you have to use “CSS” and also pay an upgrade fee–whatever!). So I’m sticking with Blogger, even though I’m completely bored by the templates here. I think what I’ll do is bide my time until they fix more of the Blogger Beta bugs (that’s a tongue-twister) and then try that out.


Anyway, what a long and boring explanation of the new look here. But it’s September, which always means starting over for me in a sense. But this time around has been much smoother, given that my life in Seattle is much more set up for me than it was a year ago.

I spent most of my days last week in Seattle either sleeping or running one or two errands. Upon arriving in Kansas City, I’ve been doing the same, except even more sleeping and substituting running errands with eating. 🙂

The weather in Kansas City has been absolutely beautiful, and it’s been wonderful catching up with B., S.C.H., and Kat. I couldn’t believe that B. actually drove down from Omaha on Friday night just to visit for the evening! We started looking through my old photo albums from Creighton, and the amount of people whose names we’d forgotten was staggering. In particular, there was this girl with curly brown hair who seemed to be in every photo over a chunk of senior year, and B. and I had no clue what her name was. Senility begins to set in.

I bought a baby 한복 (hanbok) for S.C.H.’s forthcoming baby girl . . . I should’ve taken a picture. It’s sooooo cute! She’s supposed to wear it on her 100-day celebration. It came with a little pink hat and a little pink purse . . . please pardon my gushing. Anyway, S.C.H.–it was so great to see you, as always, and here’s a link that describes more about the birthday celebration.

Kat, it was also great visiting with you. That 10-year reunion is a little too close for comfort, isn’t it? Even though E.McB. wasn’t at Borders, it was still fun perusing the shelves with someone who actually reads literature. Keep me updated with your new reads, and of course, the bun in your oven. (Btw, my friend, S.C.H., said she knows someone giving free pregnancy massages–are you interested?)

Spending time with the ‘rents has been refreshingly low-stress. Granted, I’m awake during odd hours (noon-4 a.m. usually) which means that our interaction is limited to afternoons/evenings. But it’s nice to see them fully engaged in their community, with my mom on the board of directors of the neighborhood and my dad in the process of writing his second community musical (as I’ve said before, my parents are living representations of all of Christopher Guest’s mock-umentaries).

The upcoming 12 months are going to be insanely busy. My e-mail inbox is overflowing with AAAW and IKAA business. But I’m looking forward to it . . . .

On a completely unrelated note, I’m rooting for Michael in the Project Runway finale. Love it, love it.



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